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This page contains resources and publications relevant to management software for both the Smart Grid and the data/networking environments.

Resources and Publications Specific to the Smart Grid

Many of these publications were either provided as input to Smart Grid Interoperability Panel at SGIP request, or work performed as a working contributor in that organization.

Management of the Smart Grid - Slide Presentation

JDS Management Software was asked to provide a brief presentation on issues that had not yet been addressed by the SGIP with regard to Management of the Smart Grid. This is that presentation. It was presented at the September 2010 meeting in St. Louis at the PAP01 meeting at the request of the NIST lead.

Brief White Paper on Approach to Developing a Management Architecture for the Smart Grid

After presentation of the Network Management architecture issues at the PAP01 session of the St. Louis SGIP meeting, JDS Management Software was asked to create a white paper on the issues raised at the meeting. This is that document.

Internet Usage and the Smart Grid

While there are some important distinctions between the Internet and the planned Smart Grid, there are some important similarities to think about as organizations build their elements of the Smart Grid. Many of the requirements relating to security, scale, complex organizational structures, privacy of consumer information, and other details have strong common elements. The NIST IR - NIST interagency report number 7638 was published in August of 2010. The title: Smart Grid Cyber Security Strategy and Requirements suggests the broad nature of its scope. In volume 3, section 7.4.6 - Use of Shared/Dedicated and Public/Private Cyber Resources provides a helpful checklist of factors to consider when determining whether to use the public Internet or undertake the development of a new communication infrastructure for some portion of your Smart Grid environment. In helping to author this section, our goal was to put tools into the hands of system, network and software architects that they could use to make informed choices about the communication infrastructure they were going to use for their portion of the Smart Grid. The NIST Interagency Reports page contains all three sections of this large document. The third volume is available here. Section 7.4.6 begins on page 56. The main page for published NISTIR documents is available here.

Internet and Management Technology

A core element of our consultancy has always been work related to the areas of systems, applications, IP (and other) network technologies, service, and policy based management software. Below are just a few of the contributions to the body of knowledge in this area.

IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force Related Material

Over the years JDS Management Software has supported numerous standards efforts, particularly in the IETF filling a number of roles as working group chair or co-chair, management technical advisor to the Interdomain Routing Group, author or co-author and technical reviewer of Management Information Base documents before they were published as standards. Here is a partial listing:

    • Contributor to TCP Extended Statistics MIB, RFC 4898, May 2007.
    • Coauthor Policy Based Management MIB, RFC 4011.
    • Coauthor Configuring Networks and Devices with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), RFC 3512.
    • Coauthor Requirements for Configuration Management of IP-based Networks RFC 3139.
    • Coauthor System Application MIB Module RFC 2287.
    • Coauthor Application MIB Module RFC 2564.
    • Coauthor DNS Resolver MIB Module RFC 1612.
    • Coauthor DNS Server MIB Module RFC 1611.
    • Author RFC 1559 DECNet Phase IV MIB Module.

SNMP at the Edge - Building Effective Management Systems

In this McGraw-Hill Published book, I outlined some of the basic principles that guide development of complex management systems. SNMP was used for expositional purposes, but the ideas would apply in any environment. This book is available from a number of sites including Amazon.

Other Publications and References on Management Topics

In addition to patent filings on topics in Integrated Network Management and Configuration, JDS Management Software has researched and published findings on a number of other topics. These Include: Policy Based Management, Standards Related to Policy Based Management, New Policy Protocols, Service Level Agreements and others.